Freedom for Them

In addition to its implications for pain and dysfunction, the concept of "Freedom" weighs heavily on my heart in terms of literal slavery.  I am passionate about using whatever platform I have, including Phileo Health, to let others know that right now there are more slaves living in the world than at any other time in history and that we can all do something to end it.  Across the ocean, and even in our own backyard, young girls live in filthy brothels "servicing" twenty-plus customers per day; kids in India labor in dangerous heat, in rock quarries and rice mills, sixteen hours/day, seven days/week.  An estimated 30,000,000 people in our world do not enjoy the basic human dignity and freedom that we so often take for granted.  They wait for rescue and pray for freedom.


When I learned about modern-day slavery and human trafficking in 2008, I was initially "undone" (I was a blubbering mess!) and then overwhelmingly compelled to DO SOMETHING.  I gathered some of my close friends together, and we founded the Just Us, Ordinary People for Justice run/walk to raise funds and awareness for International Justice Mission.  In 2013, we added Fierce Freedom as a recipient of some of the funds we raise.  This allows us to fight human trafficking right here in Western Wisconsin.  My office is now strategically located in an adjoining suite with Fierce Freedom and Thrive Rescue Homes, which allows me to work with my heroes on the front lines of prevention and advocacy on a daily basis!


Through the Just Us run, I’ve had the opportunity to become a freedom-giver and bring hundreds of people alongside me to end this black mark on our generation.  Through Phileo Health, a portion of my income supports the work of IJM, making each of my patients a part of the movement to bring freedom to captives all over the world.