Freedom for You

One role that is important to me as an individual and as a physical therapist is that of being a "freedom-champion" for others.  I often see people under the yoke of slavery, both figuratively and literally.  Figuratively, when we are living in chronic, disabling pain, we feel a complete loss of freedom; we become a slave to the pain.  Pain can control every aspect of our lives, limiting our activities, altering our mood, chipping away at our relationships, and bringing with it depression, fear, and loneliness.  With proper education and tools to manage chronic pain, however, a level of freedom can be found that many have given up on. 


I deeply desire to help people learn how “fearfully and wonderfully made” our bodies are, including our amazing healing potential.  You can truly learn how to re-gain your freedom to move, function, and engage in the world around you, and I consider it a privilege to walk (or run!) alongside you on that journey.