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About "Phileo"

Specialists in manual physical therapy

Phileo Health, LLC was founded in October of 2013 as Freedom PT and BodyWorks. In January 2016, the practice moved to a new location and added team members.  In order to reflect the treatment philosophy shared by the entire team, as well as our dream of becoming a multi-disciplinary resource center, the name Pileo Health was adopted.  Phileo is a Greek word meaning brotherly love.  It was used in ancient times to describe the comradely bond between brothers in arms as they entered the battlefield together.  The providers at Phileo Health gravitated towards the idea that we are PARTNERS with our patients, sharing a common PURPOSE, and seeking and celebrating PROGRESS. That is what "Phileo" is all about: walking side by side as we seek optimal health--mind, body and soul.


Major changes to our country's health care system have been launched in the past couple of years. While change is no doubt necessary, the strategies that many physical therapists and other health care providers are now implementing to survive reimbursement cuts are concerning: shorter and fewer visits, care provided by mid-level practitioners, and PTs taking on more of a management role versus hands-on treatment.  Rooted deeply in the belief that Phyiscal therapists are the practitioners of choice when it comes to the care of musculoskeletal and pain problems and that patients thrive best when given adequate time, attention, and hands-on care, the idea of "Freedom" was born.  The values and vision of "Freedom" have carried on in Phileo. 


Phileo Health is the Chippewa Valley's first direct-pay physical therapy and wellness practice.  By eliminating the middleman (third-party payers), the restrictions insurance companies place on services no longer apply.  The patient and therapist are free to work together to decide how much therapy is needed to reach the patient's goals, and the goals can go above and beyond basic functional tasks traditionally deemed "medically reasonable and necessary." The control and decision-making power shifts to the patient, as they purchase services they deem valuable. 


Eliminating the middleman also makes physical therapy and wellness services more affordable as there is no need for extra employees to deal with insurance companies.  By practicing good stewardship, therapists in the direct-pay model can pass along their cost savings to their patients: a win-win situation!


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