Experience, Expertise, Excellence

Having worked in a variety of settings over the past seventeen years, I'm no stranger to sprains, strains, post-operative conditions, rotator cuff tears, impingement syndromes, arthritis, balance deficits, neurological diagnoses and spinal pain.  While I am happy to work with you on whatever problem is slowing you down, there are a few areas in which I have developed a special interest:

Low-Back Pain and "Sciatica"

Many people don't realize how helpful physical therapy can be for low-back pain!  Over the last ten years, there has been an explosion of research demonstrating that physical therapists are able to accurately identify and effectively treat those who will benefit from spinal manipulation, specific exercise, traction, and neuro-dynamics.  I was blessed to return to school for my doctorate degree during that time and studied under the pioneers of much of this research.  I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of problem-solving issues related to low-back and leg pain.  In fact, I am such a "sciatica fan" that I have taught PTs, OTs, RNs, PAs and NPAs on this topic across the country.

Chronic Pain

One of my most challenging and rewarding patient populations is the group living with chronic pain.  This group inspired me to earn my TPS certification (therapeutic pain specialist). Seeing the relief and hope in patients' eyes as they gain an understanding of the neuroscience of long-standing pain is a privilege.  When it comes to chronic pain, Education IS Therapy! It turns out that symptoms can improve, and function can be re-gained.  I get to experience the excitement of my patients' daring to dream about activities long-dismissed as we journey together into the realms of exercise and self-management.  Manual therapy plays a great role as well, as I never underestimate the power of touch and its role in healing. Freedom from the grip of pain controlling one's life IS possible, and it is just plain cool to watch people break free! 

Running Injuries

It seems like everywhere you look, people are running!  Races are popping up left and right, as are running groups and minimalist shoes...and I think it's great!  An avid runner myself, I live by the motto: "Running is my Prozac."  Honestly, it is a healthy, social activity which can keep young moms (among countless others) sane.  I believe many people can safely enjoy running over the long haul.  Nevertheless, injuries are common, largely because people jump in too fast, over-train, or ignore early warning signs.  My background in video gait analysis adds some detail to treatment plans and gives us a fun excuse to use modern technology with a handy little iPhone app!