Jessie Podolak, PT, DPT, TPS
Curt Riley, PT, DPT, OCS; Turning Point Physical Therapy
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Jessie Podolak, PT, DPT, TPS

Owner: Phileo Health, LLC


Jessie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She is in her eighteenth year of practice, with experience as a PT in hospital, skilled nursing care, aquatic, and orthopedic outpatient settings.  Over the last twelve years, she has developed expertise as a manual therapist, working extensively with patients suffering from low back pain, neck pain, joint injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other types of chronic pain.  She uses a hands-on approach with her patients, believing strongly in the healing power of touch and the skilled use of tissue mobilization and manipulation to facilitate optimum performance of one’s body. 


Jessie has a passion for seeing her patients set free from the fear, helplessness and hopelessness that accompany living in pain.  Understanding that humans are incredibly integrated, mind-body-soul-beings, she treats the whole person.  Using techniques recommended in current research, she walks alongside people on their journey to a healthier life.  Her treatments incorporate manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic neuroscience education. She loves to educate patients, as well as students and other PTs.  She is currently on faculty with International Spine and Pain Institute.  As a part of ISPI, she participates in research and teaches other physical therapists across the country how to best serve people living in pain.


Jessie also enjoys working with athletes, in particular, runners.  An avid distance runner and race director herself, she strives to keep runners on the move through targeted manual therapy, strengthening, and video gait analysis.  Her background in Pilates adds a fun and effective dimension to her therapeutic approach with all of her patients.


Jessie is happily married and has two thoroughly enjoyable teenage boys.  She enjoys watching her boys play football and soccer, as well as traveling, reading, and working out with her friends.  She is actively involved in her church and uses much of her time away from the office to work towards fighting modern-day slavery and human trafficking.  Her faith has given her an optimistic outlook on life, and her goal is to do what she can to make the world a little better, touching one life at a time and encouraging others to do the same.


Jessie provides both PT services and Wellness services, including therapeutic massage.  To schedule an appointment with Jessie, please call or text 715-271-0388, or email her at

Curt Riley, PT, DPT, OCS, TPS

Owner: Turning Point Physical Therapy, LLC

Curt has worked as an outpatient Physical Therapist since graduating from Carroll University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2009. Over the last 10 years he has challenged himself to stretch the status quo and find the very best physical therapy techniques. In 2012 he earned a board certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. He obtained his dry needling certification through Myopain Seminars in 2013, and completed the Therapeutic Pain Specialist certification through International Spine and Pain Institute in 2017.  His passion for education and teaching has led to becoming an assistant instructor for Myopain Seminars, which is one of the leading education groups teaching dry needling treatments to therapists across the United States and world. He is also on faculty for an Orthopedic Residency Program, Specialized Physical Therapy Education, which focuses on post-graduate education for physical therapists to obtain their specialty certification in orthopedic care.

Curt considers himself an eclectic physical therapist because the one size fits all approach does not work for the dynamic individuality of each person.  This goal has been the drive to pursue top level continuing education to focus on manual therapy techniques including trigger point dry needling, as well as cutting edge developments in pain neuroscience. The goal of each treatment is to give the patient the tools to help self-manage their symptoms to help shift the control of the pain to the patient rather than the pain having control over daily activities. 


Curt loves family time with his wife and two small children, is a big Wisconsin sports fan, loves watching his daughter and son eat the vegetables he grew in his garden, and enjoys camping and hiking. He and his wife have always been active and hope to instill this love of nature in their children.

It would be an honor to be entrusted as your physical therapist to help you get back to doing the things that bring you joy in life. 


To schedule with Curt click here, email or call 715-834-3585.

Dawn Cripe, LMT

Owner: Rapha Massage, LLC


Dawn has recently received her license as a Massage and Bodywork Therapist after graduating top of  her class at the PhD Academy in Eau Claire, WI.  She also holds a Bachelor of Science from UW – River Falls in Animal Science/Pre-Vet and has traveled much of the region as a professional horse trainer and rehab specialist.  An avid learner who believes anything is possible and doable, she has many hobbies and interests, such as music, culinary arts, photography, construction, art, etc., many of which have led to working in those very fields.   She has spent much of her life traveling the world doing missions, with a focus on fighting human trafficking, and has training in helping people overcome pasts of abuse and slavery.


Though she is newly licensed, Dawn has been studying and utilizing massage with humans and animals for nearly twenty years.  She is passionate about total wellness and healing: body, spirit and soul (mind/emotions).  Her faith is an integral part of everything she does and she believes that the working of those three areas together are crucial to achieving total wellness.  She also believes that faith and science complement each other and therefore incorporates both hands-on and energy type work into her massage practice. She understands that the body has much to say and when we listen, healing and freedom come quicker and stay longer.


Whether on the mission field or in the massage room, she says her goal is “to work myself out of a job.”  Meaning to help the person and body to heal and function as they were intended so there are lasting results and no need for lifelong dependence on the therapy.  She utilizes many techniques during therapy, based on what each client needs: Swedish/relaxation massage, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Stone/Towel, Aromatherapy Techniques, etc.


Online scheduling can be done here.  If you are looking for a session longer than an hour, would like to stop by quick for a 15 min chair massage, or if you just have questions, call or text Dawn at 715-214-5969 or email her at