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Cost of physcal therapy in Eau Claire

Physical therapy services are valuable.  They assist in pain reduction, restore mobility and function, and overall, improve one's quality of life.  They are delivered by skilled professionals who have undergone several years of schooling and extensive continuing education.  In the typical health care setting, however, PT services are also quite expensive.  In many cases, they are cost-prohibitive, and people elect to try to manage on their own rather than run up additional medical bills.
Phileo Health Network strives to provide excellent services at reasonable rates, assuring that people who would benefit from PT are able to do so.  Overhead is kept low, yet the experience is highly personalized, relaxed rather than rushed, and accompanied by thorough follow-up instructions.  Typically, rates run 50-75% lower than those provided by other PT clinics in the Chippewa Valley. Click here for our prices.

Rates for Massage Therapy are competitive and comparable to other providers of therapeutic massage in the Valley as well.


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